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Karmic diagnostic therapist, therapist PEH (Pleiadion Energy Healing) and Moon mother. She shares her healing energy through her works. As one of her teachers, Marjan Ogorevc, a successful biotherapist, author of many books and owner of one of her artworks, said: Her paintings touch us, not only as the beauty of the painting, but also her energy, feelings that are caught in the picture as well as the higher spiritual part can be felt, if we just let it. Together with the painting, we enter the spiritual dimension, which speaks of the “higher needs” of the human being.

Shaman, acrylic

Just as Shaman carried away the author, with it colours she will carry away you as well beyond reason. With its presence, it heals and manages the distress of people.


The special value of her paintings is the fact that through our personal experience we can overcome the earth’s reality. Through them, we are guided by the path to find awareness that the spirit is unlimited – it is through this awareness that we can make major changes also at the body level, which can be the path to unimaginable results in the field of improving health, mutual relations and spiritual growth.

COLLECTION WOMEN (set of 7 pictures)

The WOMEN collection was created from the author’s journey through different periods. By working on herself and working with other women (like Moon mother) and giving the blessing of the womb, she succeeded in combining strong areas of her femininity and found that the power of a woman is hidden in diversity and authenticity.

A successful woman must have a healthy dose of self-esteem, she must be ambitious and at the same time gentle; passionate in life and with elegant penetration, she must be able to live and express her imagination.

She painted all this with a collection of seven women (acrylic, 2018, 30 × 40 cm): 




Balance, acrylic

With this work, the author wanted to show the relationship between man and woman and how women are like a lighthouse, which is always in one place, and its strong light that breaks all the hazes and all obstacles always shines and shines into infinity, protect, guide and attract. Who? Sailors. Man. They saintly believe in lighthouses and they always follow them because they always bring them safely to the port, home. Do you imagine what it would be like if lighthouses got legs and constantly run, here, there, left, right. Most sailors would have been killed, and everyone else would no longer trust the lighthouses and would find a new way … Surrender, trust, loyalty are the greatest values of the partnership.

2. MAN

Man, charcoal

Look into your reflection, in which you will, like Raven – a bird, which is considered to be the bearer of the magic and lust, that is coming from a large emptiness, which is not limited by time and space, or from the ether, from where everything comes from and where everything returns. You will get the answers to the questions you ask. Look into the void, into your true Self, and you will see your beauty … You will become immortal.


Dreams, acrylic

There is no such distance in the world that love could not overcome. Trust, hope and miracle will happen.


Beauty on wood, wood, acrylic

Rhiannon adores nature and everything that is related to it. So she tried and created her own picture on the wood, her favourite tree – a birch with a bird.


Synergy, acrylic

The work was created in the feelings of the author and in the faith in the love of men and women. She is convinced that there is no greater wealth in the world than a fulfilled partner love, and with this work she completely identified herself with the quote of Robert Tizon: “I would rather have eyes that do not see, ears that do not hear, and mouth that cannot speak, than a heart that cannot love.”


Black sin, acrylic

If you love love, love me because I love you. Wrap your “tentacles” and take me there … Far, where there is a world in which is just two of us.


Jellyfish, acrylic

One of the most archaic mythological figures and symbols of femininity represents binary per se – in Greek mythology there is perfect beauty as well as perfect monster; symbolizes beauty on one side and horror on the other. Her look will really make you petrify.

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