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By education she is graduate painter and graduate engineer of graphics, and in essence she is an artist, painter and illustrator, who sensibly embraces the world around her, and closely follows everything that is the most unique, selfless, irreplaceable part of her inner essence. She is painting for 20 years. She started with attending of painting course, then continued her studies at the higher professional school, the School of Drawing and Painting in Ljubljana, where she graduated in 2011 with honours.

In her galaxy, acrylic on canvas

Painting In her galaxy is thoughtful compositional built and brings the realization of the concept of centrality. In the central design there is a representation of a female face, which frontally looks at the viewer and seeks communication with him, and becomes part of a constructively-created space with a playful detail. In them, we perceive a world which is an intimate property of a depicter, reflecting her essence, her subconscious states, her inclusion in the cosmic ambient. The details, which are not an illustration of some natural state, give the impression that a woman – the image of an ideal, is in the midst of the immensity of the universe. She is part of the universe and whole universe is in her. She is surrounded by tiny forms that constantly vary on the theme of the circle, the character of perfection, in which everything, all the data, all beauty, all aesthetics and symbolism, a form that is completed and at the same time gives the possibility of new beginnings. In it, we sense the presence of another higher, endless identity.

Painting allows her to express her own perceptions and feelings, power and energy that she carries within her. She has a special relationship to colours which are her strongest and most primary expression. The world beyond, with its cosmic dimensions, philosophical and metaphysical applications, is her “working” environment in which she sets motives that are recognizable, content-identifiable as a figure or as a landscape, but they can not be associated with any visual experience. These motives belong to her imagination and have the power of her own imagination. Her paintings, however, provide not only a visually perceptible, but also a sensible world, because they have inner expression power and energy tension, and through this an additional life and message.

Energy of the rainbow, acrylic on canvas

Energy diverse landscape, which is expressed in diverse in colours, vivid, intense rainbow atmosphere, extending in the other dimensions. A landscape, which is a fiction that brings forms of talkative associations, and then with strong colours, with light and annealing, deviate from it, even though it is realized as a convincing spatial illusion, which extends into other and different spaces. Colours have rich expressive power, symbolic meanings, special glow and direct access to the soul. They evoke emotions and feelings. The bullet, as a perfect shape, reflects in every part of the image, which captures all beauty, the joy of life and perfection. Enjoying the picture Energy of the rainbow has the power to get the viewer into it. When he finds himself there, he is overwhelmed with positive energy, with the magical effects of colours and light, which have exceptional power and special mission.

We are from same substance like dreams are, acrylic on canvas

The picture shows a lot of realized current sensible and peculiar connections and connections with the inner world in the image of depicted women, and connections and affiliations outside her. Elements of different shapes and colours represent the flickering energy and its fluidity. Poetics is realistic in individual details and then rises to the spheres of imagination, fantasy. Real segments are placed in unrealistic relationships, and thus, surrealist tendencies are realized, and in compositional solutions they also reach an intangible, abstract field. The lines appear as a contour, which smoothly and firmly trim the colour surfaces, gives them a clear clarity and contentment. Circular forms represent the whole, with the symbolic value of perfection, softness and completeness. Woman symbolizes beauty, grace, sensitivity, intuition, valour. The picture illustrates the diving into its inner worlds, its senses, the perception of energies, the connection with the universe, and other dimensions.

She had 10 independent and over 40 group exhibitions throughout Slovenia. In 2012 she won the Slovenian media personality competiition in Maribor, in 2006 she won the 3rd prize at ex-tempo in Sora, and in 2016 she received the 1st prize and numerous purchase awards. In addition to painting and illustration also runs children’s art and creative workshops.


  • Grajžar’s gallery, Štanjel – 2017
  • Gallery of the municipal building Medvode – 2017
  • Hall of the Gorenjska voice, Kranj – 2016
  • Castle Strmol, Cerklje na Gorenjskem – 2016
  • Gallery Planika, Kranj – 2015
  • Library of the Oton Župančič, Ljubljana – 2012
  • Gymnasium Želimlje – 2008
  • Shop window of Pri Levčku, BTC Ljubljana – 2006
  • Gallery Arka, Izola – 2005
  • Gallery of the Administrative unit Škofja Loka – 2005

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