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Graduated painter Vesna Arko comes from Logatec. Her works impresses both amateur and professional public. She prefers the technique of oil and acrylic. Motivational starting points she draws mostly from nature. She explores details, shapes and textures that most people do not notice, in order to encourage the viewer to observe these wonderful shapes, colours, combinations, and intertwines offered by nature. She likes to return to the motives of the landscape.

Sunny window, oil on canvas


  • December 2018, Pall Mall London (Christmas Gala of the British – Slovenian Chamber of Commerce)
  • June 2018; Glass Gallery Logatec; individual exhibition
  • February 2018; Gallery Šestka; Prague
  • September 2017; ArtExpo Ljubljana
  • November 2015; Far, somewhere in between and so close; individual exhibition; library Šiška Ljubljana
  • November 2015; exhibition of the Group of Twelve; gallery MIK, Ljubljana
  • April 2015; Water; exhibition of the Group of Twelve; Grosuplje Municipal Library
  • March 2015, Prulček bar, Ljubljana, individual exhibition
  • March 2015; Water thousands of reflections; exhibition of the Group of Twelve; Ministry of Defense, Ljubljana
  • October 2014; Search; exhibition of the Group of Twelve; Gallery Dom na Vidmu, Ilirska Bistrica
  • September 2013; Water – thousands and more faces; exhibition of the Group of Twelve; Gallery Vipavski Križ
  • March 2013; First spring; exhibition of the Group of Twelve; Ana’s Gallery Rogaška Slatina
  • July 2012; Primum Aestas; exhibition of the Group of Twelve; Predjama castle
  • May 2011; This year’s last; an exhibition of the Drawing and Painting School at the end of the academic year; Ceramic Workshop, Village Museum and Laze Gallery

Lonely window, oil on canvas

Lately she is especially clearly addressed by windows, which somehow no longer serve the primary purpose, however, reflect the life story and the passage. Where there is plaster, peeling paint, broken windows, there is many stories intertwined. With the addition of mirror in the picture, she wants to capture the viewer into co-creation of the story, at the moment when he sees himself in the mirror, he becomes an active part of the motive. The image returns an image, which represents a passing experience, provokes a certain internal echo, and the viewer is always surprised when he sees himself. The windows therefore open up an entry into the imaginary world. The window is a highly symbolic element, it is an element of continuity between the interior and exterior, between the world “outside” and our intimate space, on the pictures it also represents the transition to the world “beyond”. As she says herself, with painting she is warning on the incomprehensible mystery hidden behind reality, and the pictures reveal the distance between the visual and the space where painting can develop.

Mysterious window, oil on canvas

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