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Sabina Dobršek Mladkovič is a social educator by education, but as she says herself, her soul blossoms when she paints. She loves to do this and is grateful to the environment that has supported her and encouraged her to continue to do so, as she has so many ideas, so much energy and messages that she wants to convey into visual images.

“Painting, drawing and anything I could create on paper, canvas or hand-crafted has always been a part of me,” she said.

Her life led her along the path of grinding and gaining experience, and at some point colours and canvases came back on her way. She started painting and wanted the pictures to have a message, to emit some energy, that they were not here just for aesthetic reasons. This is how energy images began to emerge, each with its own message and vibration that touches man on a deeper level. With her pictures, and above all the strong support of the people around her, she grew personally. The paintings sharpened her, with them she was coming to a personal lessons and conclusions.

She is an intuitive painter who transmits messages and vibrations into the visual images. She named them in Talking paintings.


Wolf, acrylic on canvas

Internal power energy. When you realize that wisdom is in you.
When you realize you have to be true to your principles and values.
No more heads bowed.
Walk upright, faithful to your goals and inner truth.


Awakening, acrylic on canvas

Painting is calling everyone who feels the call in them.
A call to wake up, to live what we are, to remember who we are and what potentials we have within ourselves.
A call to finally start living.


Woman, acrylic on canvas

Confident and strong. She knows what she wants and goes against her goals.
Her inner strength is her feminine energy, which is both gentle and powerful at the same time.


She, acrylic on canvas

She, who whispers to me, speaks to me… She in all her beauty.


Trees by chakras, acrylic on canvas, mixed media                                     

Red. The colour of the root, 1st chakra, which is the basis of the energy system. A tree that gives vitality,stability and life energy.

Orange. The colour of the 2nd chakra. A tree that exudes joy for life, enjoyment. Joy without feeling guilty.

Yellow. The colour of the 3rd chakra, which is the center of inner energy. A tree that enhances self-confidence and inner strength. I am, I know, I can … That’s why I shine.

Green. The colour of the 4nd chakra. Receiving and giving. Selfless, compassionate, unconditional and pure universal love to all living beings.

Blue. The colour of the 5th chakra, which is the base of speech expression, listening and creativity. A tree that encourages expression and accepting the truth. No ballast and excess beauty. To see the pure divine truth. Receive, give and communicate in clear language.

Indigo blue. The colour of the 6th chakra, which is the base of spiritual intelligence. It means the connection of all living beings.
A tree, which says that deep down inside we carry the answers to all the questions. We are in touch with our intuition.

Purple. The colour of the 7nd chakra. Connection to a higher source. Understanding yourself, life, the universe.
A tree that connects to the light that opens the awareness of pure being.


Pegasus, acrylic on canvas

Pegasus – a symbol of wisdom, power, glory and inspiration.

Sabina, among other things, informs that we need to care for nature, animals and for each other. We should care. This is a message that I would like to convey with everything I do.

She has come to the point where she is ready to introduce herself to the general public as she wants the messages of her images and actions to reach as many people as possible.

(The artist’s description is the result of our research of the art market, therefore any opinion is welcomed and can be sent to our email: info@digrazia.si and it will also be forwarded to the artist).

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