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Born in Murska Sobota in 1973, in her early childhood she rely on her intuition and feeling for space when she was observing her father in his painting. Her paintings on painted objects and paper also decorated her home. Since she did not see herself in educational institutions, she left school. Life experiences led her to various spiritual books, where she sought answers about the truth. In 2013, she became ill and found her self on a turning point of her life.

In the treatment with spiritual energies, she experiences a transformation of the spirit and the body. Soon, she feels a call for creativity and her mission, where she is led by an invisible hand until she finishes drawing. Gets aware of changes in herself and accepts the gift with great gratitude. She withdraws into her solitude and begins to create. 

Humanity passes through intensive purification, which we see and feel everyday. Her creation is for a new era. The universe tells us that we awaken the deity in ourselves and nurture it, and reconnect with the nature of which we are part, because each change brings inner happiness and connection with the source. 

In 2018 she opts for the first independent exhibition in her local environment, followed by a group exhibition in Prague 2018 and a group exhibition in Ljubljana (Austria Trend Hotel) in 2018.

(The artist’s description is the result of our research of the art market, therefore any opinion is welcomed and can be sent to our email: info@digrazia.si and it will also be forwarded to the artist).

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