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Nataša Matijaševič is creating completely intuitively. Her recognizable symbol is the Idrija lace, which she places on canvas with acrylic and other materials and lets herself to a message. The city of Idrija, listed on the UNESCO protection list, which is famous for its Idrija lace, is Nataša’s home town. Therefore, her story was born there.


The color spectrum of the background, as the basis of the picture, represents the colours of our chakra-energy centers, as they follow in the sequence in our body. The particles of the colours scattered over the surface illustrate the particles from our chakras that are on their way to find the right place and return back to establish the normal functioning of the individual chakra. In the center of the heart chakra-green colour there are lace-left and right. They show the same and even effect in both directions. The heart chakra is the center between the upper and lower part of the energy centers. Everything comes from the heart.

Reinstatement, acrylic, canvas, Idrija lace



“Fly sweet soul. Fly, where you heart desires. Everything you need on your way is following you.

Be brave. Be you. Do not look for yourself elsewhere. Spread your wings and do not let others to fold them. Spread them, breathe in and feel. Do you see?

Do you see this view? Do you see how high you can fly? Do you see that you can, that everything is just a matter of decision.

Breathe and ingest this freedom. This love, this happiness. Nobody can take it away from you. Nobody. Just let it go.”

THOUGHT: »Have faith and believe that you also can fly – easy and carefree – toward your goal.” (Nat-Asa)

On the wings of the angles, acrylic, canvas, Idrija lace



When your mind calms down and you gaze into the picture, it takes you in the direction of the time spiral. It takes to a place where you are running away. It takes you to a place where you are seeking for the answer. To a place where at home is everything that you long and wish for. It takes you to realize how strong and how far your wisdom goes. To a place where there’s everything you wish for. It takes you there to fly. For heart to play when soul is singing. And answer is there. You are eternity and in eternity you return. You are here to meet her and return to her when your hope gives you an answer.

THOUGHT: »Sometimes just a moment is enough and you are written in eternity.« (Nat-Asa)

Moment of eternity, acrylic, canvas, Idrija lace, float structural paste



The golden central circle, representing the energy of the Sun, is surrounded by number five, which in itself hides the symbolism of the pentagram.

The figure of pentagram is an old and universal symbol, which we get in many cultures and religions and has a great symbolic value since ancient times. It was known already to the ancient Greeks, as Pythagoras was using it, which he may have brought to Greek mathematics from Egypt. He identified it as a symbol of mystical harmony. Pentagram is the five-point star, where two points representing female and earthly principle, and the other three male and heavenly principle. It symbolizes the marriage between heavens and earth. We also get the symbol of pentagram in Slavic folk culture. Most often it appears as a protective symbol on cradles, home doors or as a security item for protection.

On the other hand, it is the one of the most frequently misunderstood symbols is in addition to a swastika, usually known as the Star of Witches and the Symbol of Satan. Pentagram, actually, symbolizes human qualities. It has five points, one of which is directed upward and represents a spirit. The other four points show the elements of fire, air, earth and water. All these parts are a part of life, they create it and help to preserve it, and they are also part of us. Number five is mystical, but human. We have five fingers on our hands and feet, five senses, five life stages (birth, adolescence, coitus, parenthood and death), etc. If we place a man in the pentagram, the head is the highest, and the four limbs are the remaining four points. Upright pentagram is associated with white magic, a single top symbolizes unity and harmony. In the past, the pentagram was also representing:

  • 5 virtue: generosity, friendship, purity, affection, grace.
  • 5 senses: vision, taste, smell, touch, hearing

THOUGHT: »When you respect the laws of nature, your Essence will be respected and rewarded.«

The Sun Manifesto, acrylic, canvas, Idrija lace, 22-carat gold



Lace in the form of a butterfly symbolizes transformation. The direction of the butterfly is from left to right and upward, which indicates growth, climb, and a positive result – support for transformation. Shades of brown indicate our earthly essence, while the blue color illustrates our feelings. The emotions that accompany us along the way of life have a great influence on our earthly activity and are constantly intertwined with it.

The flower symbolizes the flourishing of something new, and therefore also completely in other colours, like the rest of the picture. Because it stands out, it means that the new self is born. White colour (removal of blockades) – pink (cardiac action at all levels of our life) – magenta (connection with a higher self) and gold (colour protection, higher dimensions).

An owl, which is hidden in the picture, symbolizes wisdom. No everyone can find it, but who does – comes to the essence. Remind us that we are confronted with our inner self and life lessons that we experienced during lifetime. Everything we have learned in the past is building our personality and making us exactly as we are, here and now. It teaches us to learn from the past for the better today and tomorrow – and that is what counts in life.

Explosion of transformation, acrylic, canvas, Idrija lace, media structural paste, sand


She is amateur painting since 2010. Since then, she has had several independent and group exhibitions, the first individual in the same year in Škofja Loka. In her works she combines three aspects: love for the invisible world, passion for colours and life, and respect for the cultural heritage – Idrija lace.

Through her work she applies dynamics, which is not limited only to the physical world. That way she adds a new touch to the art, and presenting the lace in a more modern way. She spreads her visibility beyond the borders of Slovenia.

Team Di Grazia

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