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We met a very nice and interesting artistic couple, both amateur painters who come from Šentjur. Robert has been painting for almost 20 years, and Monika joined his creation a little later.


Painter was born in year 1967 in Celje. As an amateur painter, he began to paint more actively in year 2000. From 2002 to 2017 he was a member of the Ljubljana Artists Association, and since 2012 he is a member of the international organization Union Scipt and since 2015 the Association of the DLU Rifnik Šentjur. For three years he worked at the Gallery of Modern Art in Celje under the mentorship of academic painter Džemal Đoković. Robert creates in various techniques, from pencil, pastel, watercolour, acrylic to oil. The motives are different, and lately landscapes, sports motifs and portraits stand out.

Lipizzaner, oil on canvas

At one of his exhibitions, the art critic Mag. Ivanka Zajc Cizelj said: »The painter speaks to us with directly recognizable motives which are simple and clearly recognizable. The style is free, warm, obedient to the painter’s soul and adapted to the desired goal«.

Violoncello, acrylic on canvas

So far, he has had 20 solo exhibitions and 30 group exhibitions, and has also participated in several art colonies and ex-temporas. His artworks have found new owners all over the world (Germany, Croatia, Great Britain, USA …)

Horses, acrylic on canvas

The author is dedicated, besides the landscape and vedute, to other visual motives in a wide range of painting and drawing techniques, linking stylistic to romantic, realistic and impressionistic traditions. It should be emphasized that it takes into account the perspective rules of both the plastic (realistic) and the picturesque (naturalistic) style, thereby providing a markedly deep illusion, while simultaneously reflecting the correct image proportions. Robert is motivated and technologically diverse, with his acrylic streams and, in general, human or animal figural compositions (e.g. the graphite drawing of the ballet, the pastel rottweiler or his Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, etc.) are created in a plastic realistic style with emphasized three-dimensionality while mediating its landscapes in acrylic technique on canvas, due to fairly diluted colours, almost the watercourse impression. The latter is not surprising, as Robert equally deals with watercolour technique as well. Here one should mention the dichotomy between the simultaneous painting and drawing expression, mediating the artistic whole with a somewhat archaic impression with the echoes of romance, such as in the panoramic depictions of Bled Lake, Big Mountain, Piran and scenes from Tuscany, using specific atmospheric conditions for achieving mildly dramatic moods effects. Completely outside of these stylistic framework falls portrait of Slovenian swimmer in action, Peter Mankoch, which won nine European titles per 100 meters, which has not been successful before anyone else, and Robert is using a colour and phase shift like a graphic or moved focusing on photography, in a picturesque way, expressed the tension and dynamics of the champion during the competition.

Mario Berdič, art critic, Maribor, October 2017


She was born in year 1970 in Schorndorf, Germany. She spent her childhood with grandmother in the small village Ocinje in Prekmurje, and her teenage years in Celje. Twenty-eight years ago she met Robert, with whom she now lives in Šentjur. They have three children. At first Monika for her husband was just the critic, and later as an amateur painter, she began to paint more actively herself. Monika is also a member of Association of the DLU Rifnik Šentjur. The motives are different, but the motives of nature, both landscape and animals stand out. In addition to painting on canvas, she also paints other surfaces (umbrellas, flares, religious images and similar, in acrylic technique).

Before the storm, acrylic on canvas

Big Mountain, acrylic on canvas

Elephant, acrylic on canvas

She also participated at the charity event of the Umbrella Festival organized by the Lions Club Celje Mozaik. Monika is also increasingly involved in painting colonies and exhibitions within the DLU Rifnik Šentjur, together with her husband or on her own. Recently she and Robert are together creating artwork of larger formats, such as dimensions of 150 × 100 and similar. In these works they combine artistic energy.

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