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I was born in 1961 in Celje, I spent my childhood in Rogaška Slatina, and after completing my studies and travelling abroad, I settled in my home town.

After graduating, I built a business career. Yes, it was an interesting journey, but never completely mine … Only in the art world I felt the wings and started to fly. And here I am. And wherever I can vibrate with you through colours, canvases and exploration of the world a little bit lower than the nose. I never look for motives from photographies, because the inner world or the experience of everything outside us through the prism of our own feelings is most sincere.


Facebook, acrylic on canvas

“This work was created during the pleasant gathering on the colony at Saint Ana, very relaxed and with great energy of feeling, the relationship between the central figure (woman) and the male characters, each having their own character, proximity or incomprehensibility, expressed by rough or gentle strokes, warmth or the shade of blurred colour shades. Each face has its own story and expression, which the lady observes impartially, somehow supreme and at the same time a fragile creature, who chooses and lets to be selected at the same time. Before I even named the picture myself, everyone who saw it was saying – oh, that’s Facebook”. And this is how it got name.”

Comment by renowned painter Zdravko Červ:

“Excellent picture, interesting variety of facial expressions and minimal use of colour, which in particular emphasize the lips on one of the images .. simply good picture.”


Touch, acrylic on canvas

The painting was exhibited at Ana’s Gallery in Rogaška Slatina for the first time in 2009 and later in many galleries in Slovenia.

“The touch of oneself is meditation. It is a journey to the world of your inner feeling. On the canvas, I caught this feeling with the uncertainty of what is happening behind the innocent white girl. The stagnation of the look in an empty space suggests the retreat before the power of the colour of the outside world. Spreading through the basic image additionally emphasizes this journey into yourself. The inclination to the light gives the confidence in the power to be the love that comes from it. Trust and love of what she has found in herself, gives her the power to be, to survive and to love also in the spreading of fire and water into the light against which she is inclined.”


Sagittarius, acrylic on canvas

The painting was created as part of a series of horoscope, which was exhibited already at several solo gallery exhibitions (Doosor- Radenci Reimer – Sl. Konjice, 3X -Lent MB …)

“In her fire, she shows the Sagittarius with all the power that is expressed in the control of the movement, symbolically presented as ride on horse. Seductive tenderness of the view is captured in the moment when the Sagittarius is ready to put down his weapon. The picture is also a depiction of a woman – such a fiery sign or any woman who feels in her that she is a warrior, dynamic, untrained, and also romantic. Nudity emphasizes the elementality of a woman’s weapon. The coolness and sharpness of the metal on the spear are somehow foreign elements, yet the lonely amazonian can smash the spear and ride a wild horse.”


Aries, acrylic on canvas

The painting was created as part of a series of horoscope, which was exhibited already at several solo gallery exhibitions (Doosor- Radenci Reimer – Sl. Konjice, 3X -Lent MB …)

“This sign of the zodiac I depicted as a Aries in the foreground, and in colours fiery warfare, which compels from the canvas. A male figure, as the personification of the sign, rides on it indented in the joy of action that is left to, when the primary energy of the Aries takes on the reins. The blackness of the background does not keep the light and the chaotic movement of the environment remains a brazen helpless, in an extraordinary determination of the Aries to jump out of a framed everyday life. In doing so, he is not frightened even to jump in its interior nor far out there where nobody dares. As such, the picture can also be an energy anchor of the state of action, movement and courage, so that we can run with all our heart and fire out and on to the desired goal. Picture of this many emotional tension can also represent a challenge to face the darkness in ourself. Its breaking us, the power and the courage of the energy of the Aries, which knows and can find the way out, when he has led us through the experience of perceiving of heaven and hell.”


Aquarius, acrylic on canvas

The painting was created as part of a series of horoscope, which was exhibited already at several solo gallery exhibitions (Doosor- Radenci Reimer – Sl. Konjice, 3X -Lent MB …)

“I portrayed the Aquarius as a naked female figure with an emphasized body of movement and action, which balances the strong tension of this sign of zodiac to be soaked up by sky and universe. As an independent energy painting with its colouring, a playful movement of water and a strong source of light in the night, gives to the image of the person placed relaxed among the elements of nature, the power of confidence that everything is good just the way it is. Optimism is also symbolized by the lighthouse in the background.”

My work is spontaneous, in peace and silence, when I hear the voice of the heart, and often on numerous colonies and art societies. At that time, there is all the power and energy of collective creativity, which has a special charm for me. I create the most at my house, at the Janina hill, in small house in the middle of the forest with a view on Donačka mountain, where I also have my art studio Ashera. I paint in various techniques, I surrender to the expressiveness of various styles, but I remain in the colours and canvas without the excessive decorativity of other materials.

Many exhibitions and very good responses everywhere, where my art touches people, have convinced me that I am on the right track.


Libra, acrylic on canvas

The painting was created as part of a series of horoscope, which was exhibited already at several solo gallery exhibitions (Doosor- Radenci Reimer – Sl. Konjice, 3X -Lent MB…)

“I portrayed this zodiac sign as a female figure, deliberately naked, without clothes, hair, accessories … because the truth is naked. Colours are also reduced to a minimum so as not to interfere with the process of weighing the facts in finding the truth and the justice for me as for others. As an energy image encourages us to calm down, stop and seek balance and “golden” solutions on the path of life.”


Capricorn, acrylic on canvas

The painting was created as part of a series of horoscope, which was exhibited already at several solo gallery exhibitions (Doosor- Radenci Reimer – Sl. Konjice, 3X -Lent MB …)

“The Capricorn is strong, persistent and stubborn. ”In achieving goals, on him rides (guides and directs) the weaker personalized figure, who with a whip in his hand symbolizes the incredible ability of this zodiac sign to climb up to the top by himself. Even outside the horoscope, the painting can offer all energy which is necessary to a person in the face of the challenges, requires concentration, focus on the goal, discipline and motivation.”


A drinker, charcoal and acrylic on canvas

“On the theme of beer in Laško, this picture was created as a sketch with charcoal on canvas, which I complemented with acrylic paintings of white colour and formed greys. The rough simplicity of the beer drinker with the color of this drink gets the gentle, angelic expression. Perhaps an angel in the background also protects him from being able to stay with one jug and return to work and life as it is.”


Grandpa in the village, charcoal and acrylic on canvas

“Like a rough sketch with charcoal on canvas, the image of grandfather’s was created with everything what he has in his old age and solitude: a loyal dog, a decomposing house, a bench on the hill and his wine in bottle. And that’s enough for his face to radiate peace, tranquility, and smile. Motive itself is sufficiently eloquent and expressive enough to finish the picture with only minimal acrylic application and allow it to “breathe” life of many in the countryside as it is.”


Sensitivity in blue, acrylic on canvas

“In the painting, through the game of human dehumanization, at the same time, there was a strong tendency and willingness to preserve the essence of man through the metallic blue, in the layers of the colour of life, and through the extremely sensual setting of the figure. The touch of sensitivity and sensibility in experiencing the world through the degradation prism can not be overcome in any other way. The way of creating an image with coloured bands was an interesting experiment for me.”

Here is how I was introduced by P. Plavčak at the opening of the individual exhibition Touches, in the gallery Studenček Maribor:

“As a student, she was the art editor of the Katedra magazine, she painted posters for KUD Študent Maribor. As a member of the DLLU Mavrica, she participated in the exhibitions – four per year. She has done a lot of pictures and donated for charity through the LIONS Club, to institutions, schools, homes for the elderly etc. She exhibited independently at Terme Olimia, Šenčur near Kranj, Hotel Betnava in Maribor, 3X Gallery at Lent in Maribor, Reimer Gallery in Sl. Konjice, gallery DOSOR in Radenci, Qulandia in Ptuj and numerous public places. She participates in a permanent exhibition at the premises of the local municipality, occasionally in the restaurant on Ložno, and has a permanent permanent exhibition at the Afna-bar in Rogaška Slatina.

She is happy to attend art colonies, ex-temporas and painting meetings.

During the last five years, she has been more intensely devoted to new explorations in the direction of figuralism and symbolic expression. Her figures are the central motive of the art story, emphasized realistic, with a touch of impression, sensuality and eroticism. They are placed in an imaginary or real world of nature. Sensuality and erotic touch she expresses by the choice of mainly acrylic paint and rough brush strokes. Sometimes she also captures a motive in a dreamy beautiful nature, she transfers it on the canvas – as a colour impression, a enchantment over the game of sun rays in the crochet, landscape, water … In watercolour technique, with the tenderness she touches the animal world, especially her cats and their softness, and with abstract paintings out are coming different internal experiences of the world.

Lydia is enthralled experimenter and she is trying to find her way through various techniques and styles. She puts all her inner energy, emotions and soul into every picture. Her artistic “touches” are an attempt to convey her inner feelings to viewers. We congratulate the painters for the wonderful selection of paintings at the exhibition in the MČ, and we wish her many more beautiful presentations. I’m sure there will be many more and that she will be able to realize their secret dreams!”

 Peter V. Plavčak


Explosion of peace, acrylic on canvas

“With thick layers of paint and mixing them on canvas, I let myself to the game of sunset by the coast. A strong feeling of this explosive scene I calmed down with the sailboats, which capture the view into the tranquil static of the coming night. Since this is a moment captured on a canvas, the image is only an impression, grateful to the true feeling, when is the time for silence.”


In vino veritas, acrylic on canvas

“The painting was created for an exhibition on the theme of wine in Rogaška Slatina. From the original draft of the wine queen, my own family experience of alcoholism led me to something more. I have developed a story on the canvas, which does not need to be interpreted, because in it them self can find not only everyone who has experienced it, but also everyone who can not keep their eyes closed and overlook the truths, tragedies and consequences of a sedation in society.”


The mass, acrylic on canvas

Spreading over the canvas and constructing the theme of society and the role of the individual in it led me to very deep thoughts expressed in associations and in the symbolism of each part of the painting, as well as to the title of the painting in its entirety. Social critique, or perhaps even a sense of the illusion of reality in which a coincidental spill of colour leads, should be left to the viewer.”


Yin-yang, acrylic on canvas

“Between two colours (black and yellow), which symbolize the male-female principle, in the search for balance, extremes and compromises, aggregation and divergence, the birth of a new gentle fleece is emerging.”

And a presentation in the song:

A great master of poetry and a queen of brushes, an innocent, delicate romantic soul,

white dove on the wings of human values, protector of the weak and helpless,

an idealized cleopatric soul shepherd, a warrior of the Greek-Roman style in the grey days of the day,

protector and animal lover, the muse of rhetorical awakening of the primary passions,

the carrier of telepathic positive vibrations, yet so emotionally feminine and

shy in life-drafts, a spinning hedgehog in defence of her principals,

a blissful inspirer of the visualization of figurative motifs in art practice,

irritating challenger in rhyme and night outings of emotional poetry,

a dancer in silence and music of angels.

Peter V. Plavčak

(The artist’s description is the result of our research of the art market, therefore any opinion is welcomed and can be sent to our email: info@digrazia.si and it will also be forwarded to the artist).


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